United States child poverty

In the United States child poverty has reached record levels with over 16 million children now affected. To us it's just how we live. You don't get to make choices in how you live. One in 12 Americans are now jobless, and many children are growing up with little hope of long-term employment. The president says he's trying to make jobs. But I don't think there's a job out there for me, yet. Food banks and homeless shelters are facing unprecedented demand as even middle-income families sometimes lose their home with just a few days notice. If the TV can fit in your school bag you can take. If it doesn't fit, you can't take. We asked three children what life in Modern America really looks like through their eyes. My name is Kaylie Hageman, and I live in Stockton, Iowa. Now I'm 10 years old. And I live with my mother and my brother Tyler, and he is 12 years old I I don't think we're a rich family, but like I think we're kind of a poor family. Oh yeah, that one was good. That one was good. Eeh. Sorry, Sis. Stop pulling. I'm sorry. How do you think you'll have customers. Stop pulling. Ha, ha, customers. Can't pull at mom when I'm doing this. Katie's Mom Barbara used to work in the factory but lost that job nine months ago. After struggling to find another she's decided to retrain as a hairdresser. I'm still cared you'll freaking cut me. I'm not gonna cut you. You'd better not. I've been in school long enough I won't cut you. Or you're dead. . . I mean it. Katie's never met her father, and though her grandma lives nearby and helps out when she can, the family are struggling to get by on just $320.00 a week unemployment benefits plus food stamps. I'm hungry. I, ha, I knew you were gonna say that as soon as you . . . You're gonna have to wait now, Sis. I'm just starving. We don't get but three meals a day like breakfast lunch and then dinner. When I feel just like hungry. I'll just like I'll feel like like I'm so like sad and all droopy. And then I'll feel like weak, and then so and in the morning, I'll be like so starving, but then I'll like be like I "Ah, I need some food." But then like I'll get like But then I don't think of food and then I'll just think of something else . And then I'll, I'll not be hungry anymore. There's good days and bad days. Sometimes when we have cereal we don't have milk. We have to eat it dry. Sometimes we don't have cereal and we have milk. It's often like switch and swap. Sometimes like when I switch the channel, and there's a cooking show on I get a little more hungry. And I want to vanish into the screen and start eating the food? Iowa is one of the bread baskets of the world, but this is no land of plenty for Kaylie Needing every cent, she and her friend often walk along the railway track, despite the danger, to look for old cans. My best friend is Jordan and we grew up together. We like to go caning to make money. A lot of people throw their cans away. Yeah. You know the garbage is recyclable. Cans. When canning, I just walk around with the cams, and I walk I walk like around the whole town. The squished ones are five cents and the not squished ones are two. Over 60,000 bankruptcies were declared in Iowa last year alone. Over Kaylies lifetime, the economy and her town has seen a sharp decline. In 2004 is when this shut down and now look at it. It's Crappy. It used to be so special. And didn't that used to be a movie theater? What? That. No? What did it used to be? It was the old Bank? Oh, I'll bet there's old money in there. I'm not going in there the floor fellas this That would be awesome. If they're like like thousand thousand dollars daily When we can't afford to pay your bills like our house doesn't suck. I'm afraid like we'll get homeless me and my brother may starve You never know what will happened in your life? Yeah The Homelessness Kati Fear is already a reality for over one and a half million children across the u.s. My name is Jasmine, and I am my years old and I live in my brother Joshua Devlin, Josh My name is Johnny Davis. I am 13 Years Old Finna be 14 in three months Johnny and Jasmine have been living in a salvation army shelter for homeless families in Davenport, Iowa for the last three months my Dad had got a business and he was making invite with $5,000 a month We had good and fancy things name. We had like a three bedroom house living room had a 32 inch flat-screen TV in there were mom and dad room had a 42-inch Flat-screen TV in their room, and that's what TV was a Super Bowl or When the recession hit the family's home improvement business folded and they soon struggled to pay the rent They clung on to their house for as long as possible But that meant that when the time finally came the kids had just a few days to pack up everything and leave In teaneck a fitting bag or suitcase you can take it whatever dude like this TV the yellow one in literally That only made it because you kick for Monday, if it couldn't fit in my bag Delavan. That's fine I Won't say I hide the fact that I'm homeless But it's not something once again that you just want to come out and broadcast and say well hey you know I'm homeless That's the same as somebody with all let's say hiv or aids. They don't come out until you hate. You know I'm sick You know because you will be treated differently, and it's the same as somebody that's homeless That's like all right off the shower a bit and the dares because Important out of it because I live in a shelter you Don't want a lot of people to find out that you live here. She will make fun of it and Again it can really hunt to us in a while It starts you start to have no friends people Tease you about it and stuff like that it makes me feel like I just Wish I never left you We asked your father's name well good home Good futures for everybody staying here good anytime, so they can have security in her home It's a kid at the school who looks just worsening me But he has his own house bill He got a house to call home He don't have to go sit down with thousands of people to eat dinner He can run to his frigerator and open it up, and I can't do that I have to wait to a certain time and have to eat because if I don't eat I will starve all night and to the next morning Yes, yes, sir right here, and the tuna keyboard don't even go out for Jasmine That's one of the things I feel like I definitely miss just being able to cook For my own family so buy food and put it inside Put our groceries of it Just the stuff that used to be like oh well she shopping and I took a furnace in marriages. I miss it I'm just laying out license to Jeff to Open up the boxes. No Theresa. Take one. God knows when you live in a shelter you have to obey, but by the rules and Do your choice if you don't you get a little write-up? Below the chores are I'm sweeping mopping doing dishes putting really hot and cold fold and Doing the trash If you don't you get a little write-up you get it right up for staying out too long at night time you get a write-up for Having problems with the front Lady at the front desk and if you have more than an eight or something you get put out But what type of animal is the North America Roadrunner? dear Bird Correct we should know that all cars. Yeah With over 200 families waiting for a place in this shelter alone Jasmine's Family know that if they're kicked out. There's nowhere else to go It's loud Homelessness, Threatens KV2 The Family's Lectricity is going to be cut off unless their gran can pay the bill so money is tighter than ever We go to Salvation Army at 60 cents shirt $2 left here Haley Blue tag half 45 cents. We can't get nothing at the ball. I got been when I was about like seven When my mom like had money like lots of money Show me five cents I know You have to wait till grandma comes home anyway, give me super jiggly, okay? What you have in the house alone nothing? Where's the waiter grandma comes home? She doesn't get it My mom is having a hard time on economy. She has very little thinner weight And why she can't pay all the bills at the same time? The bills here at the house is just too much for me to handle I've never seen it this bad To get jobs. It's very hard it's very very hard my mom has got her a master's in accounting and has been looking for another job for a year and she Still hasn't found anything And she has a lot of education Okay More than 49 million Americans are now living below the poverty line many as a result of unemployment Things haven't been this bad since the great depression my income is 480 or 1480 and the total of my bills is 1326 and that does not leave me money for food or gas A lot of times I have to give my money up to buy groceries and buy gas for the car and lawnmowers promoting other people's lungs and I Got $10 and I put in six of it for the gas and gave Rest to my mom for some food and It's kind of what I do with my money. I don't think of a zoom owens for living I Watch this one show where it said They're raising the gas prices and my mom can't even afford gas we have to be careful How we use our gas how we use everything mostly because these days everything is expensive There's now a real danger that this month's rent won't be found and the family will have to leave their home I like living here Because my friends are nice to me like I wanna stay put here Rent and bills means it cost over $1,000 a month to stay in the family home But a single room in a motel could cost less than $700 a month all-in right? now there doesn't seem to be a way out, so My only options are to give up my house and move into the motel room and Move my stuff in the storage till and keep going to school, and I seen a doctor last week for Depression and she put me on some antidepressants and vNx for my panic attacks I Mean I don't even know if I can find a job when I get out of school Or if it'll ever get any better allowed to find daycare for Kaylee I mean she's 10, but fill Her and Tyler they're brother and sister levite I'll come home and the one over hanging from the ceiling because usually want to be God knows we're scared oh The house isn't the only thing under threat one of the family's dogs may also have to go we wanted to keep our gardener It's extra money and we're going to get rid of her an hour Like Ellen so much time is over But then again almost sometimes my friends Go fight win Go go All right Weird window goes right win come on. You got this if you kept it clean and Dancing or mostly Happy it's like I'm I'm in a different world. I'm always dancing non-stop I just love dating. I'm just truly in love with dancing. It's like my destiny become Like a famous dancer or if I was cheerleader, I feel like it's my destiny The search for a new life with a job and a home brings 400,000 people a year to San Francisco's Bay area But rents here are the highest in America and work can be hard to find? 11-year Old Sarah her sister and her mum moved here in 2009 But when the economy collapsed her mum lost her job and my family now had to survive on just $600 a month unemployment They're living in a one-room rent subsidized apartment it's kind of hard because you don't have your own room you just have your little area and then Like this is my mom's area over. There's my my area and over there is my sister's area It's very small. I am not like small spaces Don't beat me in amok computers Just was really perfect My lungs got a fold-out bed. My sister's got a broke bed that shit too late and blow up And I've got four to us they're actually quite comfortable It's messy, but look at how much stuff. We have and then look at how small the room misses You wouldn't be able to keep it very contained either if You've got three people living in a really small room With one small bathroom in one small kitchen. It's not that easy and plus. We've got a lot of stuff and a lot of books So it's really hard You do not win When we can you shower or when we cook the windows pop up and? Like it gets all drippy. Just them no boom it um It is annoying Like you're washing off. Then you think it you dry it off a Couple days later. There's more mountain woman on it on it So it's like oh my God Because this wall these walls are bumpy, so it's hard to king it all I don't think it's a good way to be growing up. I guess it was just family. I was put in to resolve for some reason It was because we're strong. I don't know Sarah used to live in a homeless shelter So even one small room that a step up But what the family really wants is to get long-term subsidized housing before the help they get with the rent here runs out well, we're trying to get into this bigger place called Thomas Paine and they said anytime between the beat early February in late February, and it's April and We haven't gotten in yet. I know one thing if We don't get on this pain. We go back to a place called the shelter. I don't want to go back That's how I feel I do not want to go back. I've already been there once once is enough for me I Think we all Thankfully go back there. We'd be sharing a big room with a dozen or so more people That's special to rate six There are four floors we lived on the second floor I don't want to go back because I Can cook for myself here and I can go to the bathroom on my own here I? Don't have my half-cab my mom my sister. Take me to the bathroom in the middle of the night But this apartment is only temporary and they will have to move soon. I think it's kind of scary that Really? We don't have much of a choice if we move this place Is not the great American dream In Iowa the moment came he had been dreading had arrived No, she's like my favorite dog, and now we have to take her to the pound We have to get rid of Nala been out here. Oh so girl like if you if you had her She would sleep on your bed, and she would sleep on you to let your old guard dog We're getting rid of my perfect little loving dog Yes, now, I hear your session I She have any favorite toys or games look she needs lots and lots of dolls. Oh gosh She's only one in like an hour oh Yeah, doesn't like that. No. This is my animal lover She'll have to go into our isolation rooms And she hasn't gotten any vaccinations that this will be in an isolated area right now I see Disbelief in the color why the color huh? Oh nene With Nala gone the time has come to leave the house and move into a motel room This will be the family's home from now on unless mum. Can get them all a place in the homeless shelter Without we're getting a double bed, and there's no mini fridge now with the double bed no Saying is and there's no microwave Okay, we have to ask him about that. Yeah It's not we're doing and doubling it Well, we're gonna have to ask him about the mini fridge This is small It's Gonna be small Playing into bull. It's Gonna be small. This is a big admirer. Yeah One of the many downsides of life in the shelter is that sickness spreads between families all too easily? Everybody's been having to run stomachache all nine Yard She is was Borne out to take her defenders more than if she just threw up all in our way Although jasmine's Dad has now managed to get a job at Minimum wage his employer does not cover the family for medical insurance Almost one in Seven Americans are now without health insurance more than ever before Without cover the family had to find clinics and pharmacies that would treat people on basic state medicaid a lot of places Don't take I will medicaid So they know us from public. Aid. It's public assistance. Low income no income So a lot of places will take you and then a lot of them say they don't take new patient So didn't want you to go to the emergency room? Then you end up with another bill The latest problem is that Johnny had caught a highly contagious skin infection, so the family's rooms have to be completely disinfected Okay, even even worsens. So we say with regard hospital, and that's when John got sick. So we really had to go to hospital Well now he has to be quarantined all over the rest of the family now. You got to sleep on the fire escape now would you just Make sure don't just don't touch anybody I'm watching you when he was first infected. There was no choice But to go to the emergency room of the local hospital Don't touch it the discharge lady came in asking a question about the medicaid or whatever and she was like Oh, I guess I'll have to look it up But if I can't find it, we'll have to bill you Yeah, so there's another bill coming Life though with time to roll with the punches, right? Right because he thought he's up in disgust up It's not big at all so slow Mike only coming in here cuz they come upon the dead go on today all religious pieces and all of that stuff you get home It's not me He always coming from in this corner They always because here we get are a couple of these every single time on all day crap mom Boko that's all working in this case this building is kind of old Mice been here for long what a long time before we've been here Of course they're going to get in here We just we my dad just saying any mouse that comes in here We're taking them out like they're not gonna be not gonna stay for long. They ain't Gonna know not to come in his room Somebody tell me on your life. Look at it. Look at it. Look at it. Look at it - yeah, what is coming - oh yeah? Yeah, come on. Oh Jeez Jamin you see this. That's what am I keep coming in here? Don't breathe nothing else in here. You give me Controllers that's someone beyond, you kick some right back As a mother you always got different thoughts going through your head and mining Wishing that you could change things and wishing things were different But what are you to do? You can't keep beating yourself up about it, but at the same time It's a car. Having a family is hard maintaining a family is hard keeping up indoors - I got my grades what oh? Oh, that's good. What a willa thing that saved you from 70 lashes didn't it? Good - I got two a's to bees and two seas What's up, John? I have to say for Very just my only way out of here by migrating out there. I know I can't go to Universities like my juniors. Go I know if my berries not good I can't play football like I want to if I don't Succeed doing what I have to do in school and making good grades. I will fail. I'm gonna live this life Life of shelter and going through hard times can't feed my kids Trying to figure out what I'm gonna lay out my head every night Homeless kids are eight times more likely than other children to be put back a year at school Kaylee and her family have been living in the motel for four weeks It's the summer holidays at the moment, but if their mom can't find a permanent home soon Hailey and Tyler would have to face a next term in school as homeless children Playing it on tell is like like it's cool. Depen that so cool. I'm always cleaning Power barely ever helps he clean once twice three times. I'm cleaned Kind of a lot My than you come hold it the window not 15. Oh Well, then break didn't stop using your foot and be a man. It's not rene. Oh smack me yesterday Be right back cold stuff that needs to be freeze doesn't sink We don't have a fridge just to sink in our fridge We have to get ice mostly every day because it melts during night It's all crunched up, and there's not much space see He takes up the whole way to go to the bathroom We had much more space in the house There's no friends. No employer would I'm in Jordan I Passed the time by watching TV or talking to Alex Helping him do laundry And then putting stickers on the cards What are you doing today? Oh? it's hot you it is a new people came in a room number 124 like you and They have kids about your age Yeah, you check them out 126 124 This motel is one of the few in the area that allows homeless families to stay long-term Most insist they booked in one night at a time. So they can be forced to leave at a day's notice How many people live here here it depends sometimes people's go for weekly stays Sometime for you guys like alright In somewhere there is no inventor. There is more people for the extended stays Who are homeless and in the winter -? The Shelter's them are all you know filled up So people can't sleep outside When I stroke money, there's nothing to eat other is cans of vegetables so I've been eating vegetable There's really not enough food Kaylee has also joined the 37 million Americans who now depend on food banks one in five children across America now receive food aid 15 out on the train Bridge if you mix Apple sauce chicken and apple sauces and we within the Va we need veggies in there, oh here spaghettios and meatballs oh Ravioli we need more canned goods or potatoes for the vegetable soup Thank you. Oh mom. Did we get around these you keep saying that we don't have a fridge to put it in right now Why didn't get it? If I could change anything it would be being cold And I really don't want to report then you can't get Cuz then how can pay where can you get forward how can you get a roof over your head? If you're Gonna be poor We're still in it same anybody apartment. We were in before and we haven't gotten thomas Paine Thomas Paine is long-term subsidized housing the family could stay in for good But they're running out of time for a place to come up So they're back at the shelter to sign up on the waiting list here as well No, kid should ever have to go through change homeless shelters just to get into a sustainable apartment or a house This form that I'm going to have you sign is just the family shelter intake policy and the intake policy says you need to limit your belongings to one bag per person I Know it might be hard If you have a long way up, and it um can it be like a bag of clothes and stuff and then a computer Can be probably? Count as a bag it's a hidden electronic That can be a problem. He's too nervous yeah, sad Well, you can look into putting some of your stuff in storage while you're in the shelter And then when you get out you can have your stuff back as they probably told you on the phone it is Unfortunately about a six-month wait to get into shelter right now which is really long that's one of the longest waits that we've ever had and Unfortunately, we don't have more assaulter space to accommodate at the moment but during that time on the waiting list the most important thing is to be calling and checking in once a week in order to Stay on the list right so that's definitely the most important thing So is everything else going at the apartment right now um it was really okay? I'm just looking for food banks right now because it was really expensive right now. We have no right to feed it tonight Yeah, okay. Well we can definitely get you a bag of food before you leave yeah, so we have a choice of canned food Right now we have beans and franks rum and tuna and spam juice is your best friend said the Magic word she loves to Pam Okay, but you know I'll get you some spam then okay great. Thank you so much Yes, I know you love Spanish Okay, so here is if I the food hit me and move me from your feet speak easily real and then there's two bus tokens And those are good for one fare and transfer you time. Thank you so much the people who cut budgets are the ones that are making any hard for my mom to Get by in today's world Sarah lives in a part of San Francisco known as the tenderloin It's a neighborhood synonymous with drugs violence and homelessness Three very much as you guys well. I live in the tenderloin in that pretty much Chuck's result there are people on drugs out there and um I don't think an Eleven-Year-Old or anyone older or younger? Should be around this test especially the drug dealers because it makes your brain squish It basically makes your brain go like put into it what I do on the weekend Look out the window watching the people on the streets and um and I Call it staying on the People's down on the street because I have these little open oculars and I like I look at the window and It was funny because one person actually looked up and tell me looking out like I missed in business My chester had taught me if I ran throws the first punch. I miss it Usual is that a punch and not miss? And I know where to hit a man where hurts I do From my mom and my sister Clearly one of their stuff to the other house right Okay, I know I Would helps Maturity quedas family has been able to find a house to rent and today. They are leaving the motel But moving house is one of the most stressful things the family can do Even more so when it's the second time in just a couple of months I'm looking afford To move away from you because we need to know anything you don't have space You just wait I'll do it Don't worry. I pick up all the stuff like that seats over there. Oh my God pack my toy And nothing like my toilet box Forget other house Kill your pick and I want that big cleaned out, okay? Six underneath of it. I'm all that stuff clean up the sink While you're standing in my way, you see me over there free today Trash the picket the doctor. Yeah, dude. He is one crazy mom She's tiring, I still love her All right, she really means we're coming killing How can she uses the stuff she needs to work on her daily? Died you don't want to get yelled up when form of she does all the time? The only just little moment and now when we're moving when she says she's going to do a happy What part of you shut up do not get okay? I? Wanna Scream You can explode the family can barely afford the rent of a new house in fact they are depending on their grand to pay the first month and Hoping the charity will help them after that There's no money left over for furniture Hey, let's go look at a new house. Come on. No living room This is the kitchen And come on. Let's go upstairs Mom's room How could you give up on these stairs come yet? And here's my room What are you doing? Now? I'm going to put a rug that can turn out fine at home I kind of like and I can tell I Mostly sleep on the floor it would be more comfortable with the bed winter There's really nothing to do just fold my clothes my smaller fulham a small art photo or clean But there's not much to clean but too kitschy so Some kids have our houses there. I can have whatever they want but I Think my mom can I make a wrong turn or something? So that's what all started The good news for John is family. Is that they have finally moved to a self-contained apartment in the Salvation Army Shelter They can now lock their own front door but this also means in a longer qualify for free meals in the shelter canteen we are in our little apartment the Transitional housing my mom says is harder because she has to spend a lot of money to see us And to spend a lot of money to get the house together and not buy stuff you Get to be you always want some extra. I know one. Yes you Do you want to phone I got you? I'm not wearing the Earth walks outside. No, sir Jordans and Nike Charlie Nikes and Jordans are expensive. I love it for name that makes no sense you need a job look Like he's not expensive look I've been lying Josh shoes after shoes at shoes. I can't afford it now What walmart he's got to take Walmart? What else can I do at least his feet not dragging the ground it was in Jordan's first washing there for 30 books? Now that's a great deal. You cannot find no joint slips off the brand new kinds for no 30 books They're probably not real is that a great deal when I can go to Walmart and buy my the shoes I'm wearing I got from Walmart for $5. I'm - my name brand stuff They that's a good deal Montana signs right if you listen to right, I love you All some of those right no see that's why I like y'all when y'all small. They like they accept stuff you get to be You'll see Rowan you and growing people shoes now. Oh Please stop growing we had more money in the shuttle part doing that here because now everything is on ya Down there we took everything from here You get free food every day you got a free place to live Oh here - one of Tom's old business card Oh yeah, a routine in Tu cama class yeah It was linear model time Until the recession the family had their own business the plan now is for Tom to do odd jobs in his spare time To raise some extra cash I know we lost a lot with the business and then Tom every day putting our heads together Trying to think about what else can we do? To get ourselves out of this see what if you come up with to make some extra money, so We wouldn't be in a hole all the time or just barely trying to find food I mean, I would think at least everybody in America can have some food and house The poorest man a place to sleep and food and it's not that way so the rough a lot rough all I want is to play football, but Football is expensive. I can name a field it seems. I need and one For my sports, but I just got a waiter and do it - the next time a moment can't afford it I'm 14 my Life is almost full and Time I'm grown man And if I don't have the opportunity to show somebody to play football football one exists in four years, you know If I'll get to play on team this year that dream is going to slowly start fading away That's what happened to some of the dreams of kids They pertain something and they can't afford it or I can't do Today the tape let's just go mime. Troupe is performing political satire Really? 400 Merica yeah, the good news is um we got Thomas Paine and um They're just doing maintenance annum Next week we're going to sign the lease I counted how many Sarah Sarah When I saw this house - the first time I was speechless, I I couldn't talk Sarah large bathroom Mine, and my sisters I love it This is nurse. I like it hasn't got myself in the door This house is our no roommates. No um probably no eviction notices it won't forget this experience because It's it's a life changer. You know No, kid should have to go through this um yet every day kids do and it's just crazy to boot It's not a fun experience It's knowing that people say oh, it doesn't matter. It's just a little problem. It's over now get over it and No, it's not over It changes you And maybe still the same old Obnoxious Sarah but Deep down. I'm a whole new person for I'm a whole different person We're back in this hotel again because we got kicked out of the duplex Written till then we went to a motel 6 and then we went to this Twin Bridges hotel, and then we went to here oh God we went to so many places even talking about it makes me dizzy Oh wow, no, I can make a work Yes, yes, well Mums latest plan is to get a trailer. So the family can have a more stable home but in the meantime Katie's education is suffering Why can't I go to school? I would do you in school, but we gotta wait till we get the trailer Which is only like a few days away, so there's no sense to put you in school here And I just wish I were over there okay, we've been moving around a lot between, Iowa and Moline and My mom can't sign us up to school. I wouldn't want to go to school and Going to a different school like one or two weeks later if you go to school And then like one or two weeks You're gonna have to move but then You have to move from all your new friends all your teachers when you have such a good time and so my mom says that we're going to go we're going to get in school, when we move into The trailer that we aren't getting Roses Railer It is very livable as more We're going to be reviewing a my going to have to crawl in with the snakes to get the pipes unfrozen no It's all the best thing to do is put hay bales. I know around it We're going to get some of those and do that Oh, but we're going to be moving the trailer probably in a couple of summers, but that'll be two years away So because we have to have by two years we stay there two years I Really want to be in school because if you don't get a good education then You you don't get much money. You don't get a good job you You you you end up sleeping at your Mom's You end up you end up Being behind a lot of rent and you get stuck you end up being homeless and then with no food attack If I keep missing school, then I see my future poor on the student in a box not even and Asking for money everywhere everybody and then stealing stuff from stores and Yeah, I Don't want to steal stuff. Oh, I don't want to do any of that stuff. I wanting it education good job Poverty affects every aspect of a child's life their education health and future prospects all suffer Since 2007 the number of Homeless children across the u.s. Has increased by almost half a million unless the world's wealthiest Nation can build more effective safety net for its most vulnerable young citizens Millions more could Follow People who come in in a homeless shelter it can just be Somebody who's living with at one time? I had it all - a bill that we did get paid after Utility bill up a payment or foreclosure anything anything can easily tear them straight down to the floor and a ground zero Life is a lot of amazing there is always getting And you gotta turn around pick yourself up and turn around and go away But in the end you always get out of me The way I live it's a lesson I believe that I'm going to get a perfect job that I like and that I want to do People can't stop you from believing in your own dream


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