black friday 2021

Happy black friday we love toys. We still on for pancakes tonight. Chris you're on reg for the night. We're short staff. Wait up! I'm emmett. You ever work retail before? No. Well there's no day more harmful to retail workers than this day. Oh, what do we love... Toys. Good job. Places everyone. Three, two, go baby go flat friday. Thank you very much happy holidays. There is something wrong with the shoppers. Oh we got to do something. We're one hour into black friday and we're escorting customers away from the store. Was that the new guy? Our shoppers are going crazy whatever you do don't let them gather they're building something. At this point we're just in their way. We're gonna have to fight. I don't think this night can get any worse. Does anybody else just think that's funny. I told you they never die. We have to make a run for it. Exactly. Black friday is over. Chucky says we're all going to die. Back up home. I love it here.

Christmas Day

Come by and buy your safety shoes for christmas Deals 100% discount This year too we see the Christmas tree Here to find, me who’s been waiting Streets everywhere are bright in celebrations For me today and tomorrow it’s Christmas day Beautiful lights welcoming us The flowers in my hand fragance overflowing Getting to see your pretty smile again It’s getting me fluttery With you, shawty with you With you, shawty with you With you... Beautiful Christmas day Right now I’m thinking about your eyes Staying still and looking up at me Making me want to hug you For me today too and tomorrow it’s Christmas day (for me today too and tomorrow it's christmas day) Still young and not knowing much about love But I know what’s the most beautiful to me Filling up my thumping heart For me today too and tomorrow it’s Christmas day With you, shawty with you With you, shawty with you With you... Beautiful Christmas day With you, shawty with you With you, shawty with you With you... Beautiful Christm

United States child poverty

In the United States child poverty has reached record levels with over 16 million children now affected. To us it's just how we live. You don't get to make choices in how you live. One in 12 Americans are now jobless, and many children are growing up with little hope of long-term employment. The president says he's trying to make jobs. But I don't think there's a job out there for me, yet. Food banks and homeless shelters are facing unprecedented demand as even middle-income families sometimes lose their home with just a few days notice. If the TV can fit in your school bag you can take. If it doesn't fit, you can't take. We asked three children what life in Modern America really looks like through their eyes. My name is Kaylie Hageman, and I live in Stockton, Iowa. Now I'm 10 years old. And I live with my mother and my brother Tyler, and he is 12 years old I I don't think we're a rich family, but like I think we're kind of a poor family. Oh

Amazon Cowboy boots for sale

we're stepping into fall weather and it's one of my absolute favorite times of year to take long runs through my local trails and take my workout outdoors gearing up for a new season you may be looking to upgrade your gear and that means investing in some reliable and comfortable cross-training shoes there's no need to shell out big bucks for a pair to last you years to come today let's talk about the top three best women's cross training shoes from across the web that won't break the bank to make things extra easy on you i've gone ahead and included links to each of today's recommendations down in the comments below check those out for even more details and to snag your favorite at the latest and best deals let's start off with a brand we all know and love new balance women's fuel core energize v1 sneaker which is available in 21 color options to complement any wardrobe for effortless styling trendsetters looking for

Shoes - it's currently november and there are a lot of releases set to come out over the next couple months to end off the year and november is jam-packed with almost two to three releases every single week this month so in today's video i'm gonna be going over all the releases in order and showing you guys what they are giving you guys my opinions talking about retail resale all those fancy things and if you didn't know by now my name is dj and this is the dna show so for the first shoe that we have dropping this month on november 4th is going to be the air jordan 14 shocking pink this is said to be a women's release and retail is going to be a hundred and seventy dollars originally when i first saw this shoe i wasn't exactly sure how i felt about it obviously i can't even get it because they're probably not gonna make it in my size but at the same time i thought i really didn't like it at all a