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Hey guys! In this video, we’re going to look at the top five work boots available on the market today. We made this list based on our own opinion, research, and customer reviews. We’ve considered their quality, features, and values when narrowing down the best choices possible. If you want more information and updated pricing on the products mentioned, be sure to check the links in the description box below. So, here are the top five Best Work Boots. The fifth product on our list is the KEEN Utility Flint Mid. Everything about KEEN Utility Flint Mid is done thoughtfully to give your feet all the com

fort it needs during work. It centers on toe protection through its asymmetrical steel toes. This design guarantees that there will be enough room for your toes to spread out, flex, and move. It allows blood to flow sufficiently around the area. There is also a molded reinforcement for protection against abrasions and impact. The footbed fits conveniently thanks to its ergonomic designed. It hugs the natural form of your foot while providing excellent arch support. The long padded tongue and collar make sure the boots fit your feet perfectly. KEEN strictly follows the Specific Footwear Requirements under the Occupational Safety and Health Administration PPE. The exterior design ensures to prevent any injury from unavoidable contact with hard and sharp objects. It has a contoured heel lock that offers a strong grip so you will not slip. These boots also come with a side cut-out for ventilation and a dual-density midsole for additional cushioning. They can protect you against electrical hazards too. The nubuck leather upper is water-resistant while the non-marking rubber outsole is oil-resistant. It comes in US size 7 to 15 in regular and wide widths. These boots are perfect in construction, landscaping, transportation, maintenance, manufacturing, warehouse work. Its pros are: - The boots are designed with asymmetrical toe protection; - It uses molded rubber reinforcement; - It has excellent arch support; and - KEEN offers a one-year warranty with this product. However, the cons are, - The mesh tears because of dry rot; and - There is a possibility that the soles will come unglued after only a few months. KEEN Utility Flint Mid work boots are light and comfortable. Its asymmetrical toe steel, ergonomic design, and materials can provide your feet the convenience they need while working all day. Up next in the fourth place is the Timberland White Ledge. The Timberland White Ledge boots are known to be the ideal hiking boots. But these boots can help you in other things too other than walk you when you are on your favorite trail. You can still pair these rugged boots with your jeans when you go to work or other outdoor activities. These boots assure you that you can climb, walk, and jump without hassle thanks to its quality material that provides flexibility and comfort. Soles are one of the most important factors when it comes to choosing boots. Timberland uses a durable rubber outsole with a unique BSFP motion efficiency system that provides excellent traction. The aggressive sole traction responds to your natural stepping motion that activates the rubber lugs to secure your steps when you put your feet down. These boots come with full-grain water-resistant upper and seam-sealed waterproof construction. It keeps the water out of the boots so the insoles and your feet can stay dry at all times. This feature is helpful if you work at job sites where water is unavoidable. You can be sure to experience a suitable tight fit without your feet being constricted. Timberland also included speed laces that are made with rust-proof materials. They hook all the way to the top for a sealed and secure closure. Its pros are: - These boots are waterproof and durable; - They are comfortable to wear; - They are versatile; and - They come with aggressive traction. However, the cons are, - These boots do not have a steel toe option; and - They are not insulated. If you are looking for top-quality work boots that are versatile and comfortable, consider Timberland White Ledge. It comes with durable and helpful materials and features. The price is not bad too. The third product on our list is the Caterpillar Second Shift. The Caterpillar Second Shift work boots come with two versions – the steel-toed version and the soft-toed version. For this list, we are going to focus on the latter. While it is given that the steel-toed version provides an extra layer of protection, this does not make the soft-toed version to be less reliable. The soft-toed version comes with the same great construction as the other Second Shift booth. It also offers the same extra great traction and the impressive rugged look. You can even get both style and functionality with this Caterpillar Second Shift work boots. It is designed with a well-oiled-full grain leather that provides the boots with an extra amount of durability and strength needed for those tough jobs. It has a nylon mesh lining and three padded collars that can give comfort to your feet so you can work with convenience. Even with these elements, it does not sacrifice quality and security. Caterpillar included a heel pull tab so you can easily wear and remove these boots. Meanwhile, the climasphere sock-liner innovation keeps moisture away by making sure the boots’ interior stays dry and breathable. A steel shank is also added for improved support. Its pros are: - These boots are versatile and easy to wear; - They come with great traction to prevent slippage and falls; - They are made with high-quality materials; and - They are comfortable. However, the cons are, - Heavy use wears the outsole quickly; and - They are heavy. Caterpillar Second Shift soft-toe work boots are perfect for tough situations. They have excellent quality and comfort to help you do your work easily. And if you think you need more protection, there is always its steel-toe version. The second product on our list is the Timberland PRO Pitboss. The Timberland PRO Pitboss are steel-toe work boots that provide the brand’s typical high-degree of protection and comfort. It is safe, tough, and comfortable. They are a good choice to wear if you are working for a job that requires additional protection. As a steel-toe boot, it protects your feet from being crushed by random debris, fallen materials, and tools. It meets the ANSI safety standards and offers a roomy toe box. The outsole is slip-, oil-, and abrasion-resistant. There is enough traction that secures your grip on slippery surfaces. It can keep your feet secure where it needs to be. Moreover, it offers electrical hazard protection that is important if you are working with open circuits like electricians and technicians. These Timberland boots have a 24/7 comfort suspension system that can reduce foot fatigue. The manufacturers also thought of raw areas and blistering so they incorporated a removable sock liner and padded collar guards that prevent rubbing. Then, there is a contoured shock diffusion plate that scatters the pressure from impact. Another thing it does is to help stabilize and support the foot. Finally, it uses a breathable liner treated with an antimicrobial application, so no need to worry about unwanted odors. Its pros are: - These boots are very safe; - They are comfortable; - The comfort suspension system can reduce foot fatigue; and - They are perfect for long shifts. However, the cons are, - Sadly, they are not waterproof; - They take a long break-in period; - The eyelets have poor durability; and - They are hard to size. If your job involves being on the worksite, electrical hazards, all-day standing, and being on concrete, these work boots should be great for you. The Timberland PRO Pitboss is a durable and versatile work boot that will protect your feet and comfort you. Before we reveal number one, be sure to check out the description below for the newest deals on each of these items. And, be sure to subscribe if you want to stay up to date on the best products on the market. Finally, our top work boot is the Red Wing Heritage Roughneck. The Red Wing Heritage Roughneck work boots are one of the most expensive work boots today. They come with a stylish, classic look that is hard to ignore. They look so good that you can consider wearing them to one of your night outs. But these boots are not just all looks. They are durable too as they are made with premium materials. For instance, the exterior leather resists water, dirt, and occasional oil gush. The Roughneck is extremely comfortable too. There is an additional room in the bump-out areas of toes. This is good if you use heavier socks. The leather uppers move with you rather than against you. Meanwhile, the Vibram soles provide better grip, especially on slippery oil deck platforms. Lastly, its soft leather insoles with cork midsoles follow the curve of your feet. You will no longer suffer leg or foot fatigue even when you work overtime. The name Roughneck is from the oil rig workers back in the mid-20th century. It was their nickname because of their dangerous work. These work boots are Red Wing’s tribute to them. That's why they are made to be tough, durable, and reliable. Their long-lasting Puritan triple-stitch construction and Goodyear welt made sure of that. Its pros are: - The Roughneck comes with steel shanks that provide support and stability; - The boots are easy to pull on and off because of their strong nickel eyelets and quick lacing hooks; - They are 100% waterproof; and - The synthetic sole is made to last. However, the cons are, - You may find that the toe box could be narrower than expected; - The boots’ top edge may wear on your ankle; and - They are expensive. Once you experience the increase in your comfort level after wearing the Red Wing Heritage Roughneck, you will realize that spending that much on quality work boots is not that bad after all. That’s all for now. Thanks for watching! If we helped you out in any way, please hit the like and subscribe button. We’ll see you guys in the next videos!
boots tool tips it would seem to be natural to talk about boots and yet i have not talked about boots i don't i wear work boots every single day of my life i i have worn sneakers you've seen me wear sneakers here in the cave if you if you notice me wearing sneakers the reason is because it's really warm we had some hot days this summer and uh uh yeah i wore sneakers for a few weeks because it was just really ridiculously hot in in san francisco but in general work boots are my daily wear and i said i don't have much to say about work boots i i don't have a lot of cross comparison way back when mythbusters started i bought a pair of doc martens and they're beautiful they make gorgeous boots um but the steel-toed doc martens that i bought were so heavy i noticed that i was unwilling to walk like across jamie's shop to go get something and so all of a sudden i was the first order retrievability failure right like i didn't want to go get something because my legs were tired and that's when i was talking to one of the crew members and they said uh boy yeah you don't know about blondies blunties blooneys bluntstone blooney's turned out to be bloonstone an australian shoe company and they said oh bloody's the best night i know it's a terrible australian accent it's been a while since i've been working on mine apologies to all my friends down in oz and other parts but uh that very first season i think claire mandel ordered me a pair of blonde stone steel toad boots from australia and to say i wore the crap out of them would be um an understatement i went through i think eight pairs in 12 years i was hard on my boots i was hard on my boots um unless you think that that might be a a a a mark that they're not super durable boots just realize i was making myth busters so i was operating in temperatures from 140 118 degrees fahrenheit and 40 degrees below zero i was uh uh walking on hot steel at dirty places on a daily basis i was abusing these boots uh and at the time it came to repeat to retire each pair of boots it was super clear why and in order to illustrate this i'm going to show you my last pair of bloodstones from making mythbusters um actually yeah let me uh let me set up my shot for the record for the record i am still wearing blunties on a daily basis i wear the non-steel toed version uh i have two active pairs of these right now that i switch between um they are super lightweight and just beautiful and i love the way they look with almost everything i wear uh i believe i've worn bloodstones on the red carpet yeah i think that's happened um but i wanted to show you what my last pair of blunties for mythbusters looked like there you go here's what i love about bloodstones they are waterproof to the top of the wedding okay webbing okay maybe not waterproof i'm not a company spokesman at all they haven't asked me to say this i'm just singing their praises because i love their product in my experience they are relatively waterproof up to the top of the webbing so i just walked through everything with impunity um as i use these on mythbusters every single pair i wore over the years ended up with this the steel toe peeking through and this is a marker of how much time i spent crawling around doing the stuff that i was doing on the show these this was often the failure point this is often where the waterproof aspect disappeared and as soon as the boots were no longer waterproof i got rid of them sorry i didn't get rid of them i would just upgrade to a new pair these also had a spectacular failure mode we were filming up in the eastern high desert of oregon yes we were in oregon i'm trying to remember um we were shooting tanker car implosion and it was like a hundred and fifteen hundred and ten degrees fahrenheit it was oh so so brutal and i'd been spending all day walking on steel that was so hot it effectively destroyed the bottom of these boots they're still i don't know maybe i was walking on some terrible chemicals too but the whole soul of these imploded and collapsed um this is not a common failure mode for me you oh wow it's still just losing material um like i said most common the most common reason i would upgrade my boots every couple of years was because the toe would wear through and it would lose its waterproof aspect but you the thing i love about these and these are not the um heavy duty sole steel toed boots i have some of those but if i had one little complaint it's that those are a little heavy and these with the flat soles which are weirdly a little bit hard to find are the lightest steel-toed boots i've ever used i don't know if they're the lightest in the world but they're the lightest ones i've ever used um i love how easy they are to put on put your hand through there um slip it on slip it off it's just the best and look i i i don't want to i don't want to bend over and do my laces anymore i just i don't like tying shoes this is it's i i i that's my yogas um so again i really appreciate the slip-on slip-off chelsea aspect of these boots yeah yeah i if you know some steel toed boots that you find are really lightweight and easy to use i'd love to know about them for right now blonde stones out of tasmania australia are my favorite it says since 1870 they have every reason to be proud of these boots they served me well in my tenure as a buster of meths thank you guys for joining me for this tool tip and i will see you next time Hey, Steve here, your Mister Safety Shoes expert on fit and comfort with another review. This time we're looking at Terra's FINDLAY work boots. So let's start at the top. These are a full-grain six-inch leather work boot with a fully waterproof membrane. They've got a composite toe, and a puncture-resistant plate so they are metal-free but they provide complete CSA safety protection. Now check out that sloped padded collar that's a great comfort feature for if you're wearing them while you're walking or driving. They've got an abrasion-resistant toe bumper and a shock-absorbing and midsole. The lining is moisture-wicking, and it uses something called CLEANFEET® tech inside to keep your feet feeling fresh after you've been moving around all day. That's a real bonus. And it's got an industrial rubber sole, that has really great traction. The Terra FINDLAY's are also SD or Static Dissipative for work environments that require it. These work boots have a ton of safety and comfort features that our customers really love so check a pair out at your Mister Safety Shoes store or online at 


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