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Good afternoon Internet, it is 5 o'clock in the afternoon and welcome back to the channel Now todays video is going to be a little bit different than usual I guess Because I am now in Johannesburg still in South Africa And I am almost leaving the country But right now is the moment that Savannah. My sweet Savannah That is kind of missing the rear end after I butchered her a little bit at the Kalahari Rally Is going to her next home The courier is now on it's way, they're 10 minutes away so I'm just going to ride Savannah to the main gate. I'm staying Here at an Airbnb And this courier is going to bring Savannah to a place called Knysna in South Africa Which is.. well I visited it actually When I was staying with my friend in Plett And there is a motorcycle museum there. I think they have over 300 or 400 motorcycles there And they really want to look after Savannah so basically what it means is that I'll stay her owner, I'm not going to sell her. I'll stay the owner But she is going to live in the museum. They will look after her And if you live in the area, then you can actually go there and.. I don't know.. check her out See how she came out of the rally So anyway. I will give her with the bags included and well, kind of the rear end So yeah I'm just going to ride her now to the gate and then wait for the courier to arrive there Actually before I say goodbye to Savannah, let's check her ODO And see Now the time has come to say goodbye Really sad but yeah.. that's the way it goes. My.. African adventure or Southern Africa adventure for now is finished And it's time for new adventures And I'm happy that they are going to take good care of her there And I'm leaving her all dirty. Stickers of the rally are still on here See number 28 Got some new stickers here on top as well And um.. oh yeah, so one of my hand guards also came off And one of the lights that we put on there for the rally was attached to that so that's now stuck here So yeah, she's a little bit battered. This is loose still, I think.. yeah Oops That must be it She's going to join all these other bikes Oohh There's not much space Oh there is one space at the back there Thank you have a good trip Thanks.. bye Well they found it hysterical. My molten indicator I guess it is quite hysterical. When does that ever happen, hey? How did I manage that? Well, one last look at my Savannah Hey But hey as he said, it's just cosmetic.. that little subframe Break There she goes To Knysna Alright, so now that Savannah is being rehomed It's time for me to also to rehome Wooh, windy day today. I hope you can hear me But um.. I am going to fly back to the Netherlands I have stuff to sort out. Things to do for a little bit I'm going to stay as short as possible though I have no desire to stay for a long period of time Just until I sort out all the things I have to do there One of which is getting myself a new motorcycle To continue the ride because yeah.. the adventure here is finished Um so yeah.. I'm going to book a flight now I first wanted to make sure that Savannah is safe and sound. So now that's sorted Going to book myself a flight And um.. head back And then yeah.. see what new adventures, I will be getting myself into it Hi Well, there I am again walking on a pretty deserted airport As you can see There's a little bit more people than when I just came to South Africa but still Super eerie and quiet Let's see which way This way It is so weird to be leaving South Africa I don't think I'm ready to leave But I'm going to have to hey Savannah is in pieces I have quite a few things to sort out in the Netherlands And I am back in the Netherlands What a strange, strange feeling to be here I'm not planning to stay long. I am planning to stay just the bare minimum Just to get ready. To get all the things done that I'm here to do And one of the things is that finally my hoodies are ready You can't see it very well now But I have a really cool print on the back and I have print here on the side of the hoodie And then also on the back side of the hoodie.. of the hood I'm super happy with them. I'm super excited what you gonna think of them They will be in shop available tomorrow As well as my new calendars for the next year So if you are looking for a nice Christmas present for yourself or your partner Then check out my shop. But anyway, that's just one of the things that I came here to just do And set up and all of that But obviously the most important thing that I'm coming here to do is to prepare for the next season Which is going to kick off, hopefully in like a month from now It kind of all depends a little bit on how much time it will take me to prepare everything again That also means that I'm going to get a new motorcycle Hmmm And I already have a pretty good idea on which motorcycle I want to continue with season six Of Itchy Boots but I will keep that kind of a secret for now It also means there's going to be a little bit of a break on the channel While I do all of these things and get everything ready and stuff like that And then if you want to catch up on some videos from the last season because I mean.. I bring out three episodes per week So I think for a lot of people, it's quite a lot So if you didn't manage to see all the episodes, then it will give you some time to watch season five completely If you want to And.. yeah, it will give me a little bit of break of the channel Which is also a good thing, I think and then I can start fresh again with season six So yeah, I think todays video is pretty short. Much shorter than usual but I think that's also fine And um.. yeah, what else did I want to say? I just can't wait to hit the road already and I just got here So that kind of I think, indicates that I was in such a nice flow And I just had such an amazing time in Southern Africa And I didn't really want to stop riding but.. well, I kind of broke Savannah in two so.. And in any case, I couldn't really travel other countries with Savannah because Of the papers so that's also why I came back to the Netherlands In my experience you can travel in other countries with a motorcycle that is not registered on your own name and with foreign plates But there are restrictions, it's a hassle It's just.. yeah, everything is much harder So I want to have a Dutch license plate and a motorcycle which is registered on my name So to do that I have to be here in the Netherlands so That's also part of the reason Um.. but yeah so I think this is the end of season five. Really the last, last video I really hope you enjoyed the season I'm really curious to see all the reactions on the rally If you guys liked that, because well.. I think it was kind of obvious but I absolutely loved it and I want to do more rallies it just wah I'm still pumping just from the rally. It was just so awesome, I just.. yeah Had such an amazing time But hopefully you also enjoyed that content and all the other episodes that I made for you And yeah, I can't wait to start season six and I hope you're gonna start watching then again So that was it for today I really hope you liked this video And this season. If you did, please give me a big thumbs up And subscribe down below and then I'll see you in the next video


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